We are providing you paracord braided collars and leashes to make your beloved ones outfit special!

It is very important to get a good measurement of your dog's neck, so these collars would fit your loved one perfectly because our braided collars are non-adjustable.

Our leashes have standard sizes, too.

Please allow +- 2-3 cm / +- 1 inch difference for measurements.

If you have a custom request, please contact us and we will offer you a unique offer.

To get the collar that fits your dog perfectly, please measure the base of your dog's neck without adding any finger gap. We will calculate the additional space to the collar. Please provide the result in cm or inch and add it to your order in he 'Neck size' block. Please make sure that your measurements are exact, because we cannot accept returns on incorrect size orders.

Once you start to use your collar, it will loosen up a little big at the beginning. So don't be worried if the collar is a bit tight when you receive it, it will just be fine after a couple of use.

Our leashes have a standard size too, you will be able to select a size when addig a leash into your cart. You cannot select a size by leashes with fix sizes. If you would like to have a customer leash, please contact us to discuss the details.

Once an item is ready, we melt the end of the cords to make the item secure. Since our items are handmade, we cannot guarantee that the securing of the end of the cords will be exactly the same like shown in the pictures. They will differ slightly.

All of our product are handmade, so colors and sizes may slightly differ compared to the pictures.

We are working with pretty strong, durable materials that we were testing for almost a year before releasing our products.

You can choose silver or rose gold stainless hardware to your items. If the product gets dirty, we would advise you to hand wash it, instead of using a washing machine.